Outlook 2010 Email Setup

To Setup your email please follow the following Steps

1. Click on File

2. Click on Account Settings

3. Click on the 2nd Account Settings

4. Double Click on your email address or select new

5. Fill in or Change your name

6. Fill in your email address. All in small letters !

7. Add your incoming mail server address. It should be mail.(yourdomain)

8. Add the same for your outgoing mail server address. This together with step 15 will allow you to send mail without having to change settings when using different internet connections.

9. Add your email address in small letters

10. Complete the password field with the password created in your cPanel. This is case sensitive.

11. Click on More Settings

12. Click on the Outgoing Server Tab

13. Check the check-box as indicated


14. Click on the Advanced Tab

15. Change port 25 to 26

16. Uncheck the "Leave a copy of messages on the Server" check-box

I you require further help, pleas log a support ticket.

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