New Server Added

6th Jul 2020

New Server are currently being provisioned and should reduce the load on the ones that is currently having load issues

New Pricing increases

19th Jun 2020

Dear Valued Customer,Due to the excessive increase in cPanel and the drastic decline of the SA Rand against the US Dollar, we are no longer able to absorb the increased cost in international licensing fees. Thus, we had no choice but to increase our pricing on cPanel licenses.: We are thus being forced to change prices on all the lower end ... Read More »

Scheduled Maintenance

7th Jan 2020

Please note that maintenance is scheduled for 07/01/2020 23:00

Server should be back up and running in 3 hours.

VPS Migration

13th Sept 2018

This notification serves to inform you that we will be having a migration period from 14/09/2018 20:00 - 16/09/2018 05:00. During the migration your VPS(s) with the following IP address(s) will be offline an estimated time of one hour: Please see full details below: Start Time: 14/09/2018 20:00 End Time: 16/09/2018 ... Read More »

International Domain Price increase

12th Jan 2016

Please note that due the current exchange rate between the Rand and the Dollar we were forced to increase the fee on our international domain registrations to cover our cost.

 We hope to reduce this fees as soon as the R/$ returns to a better rate.

Space Increased

16th Feb 2012

WOW, we have increased the disk space on our top 4 packages. Free of charge.

Upgrades were done on everyone`s accounts.

Local !

2nd Jan 2012

We are now local!
All our websites and domain have been moved to local servers in a Gauteng datacentre.
You'll notice that the sites open lightning fast!
Note that all Prices are staying the same apart from the allowed bandwidth usage which have been decreased slightly.

Emergency Seacom Maintenance Notification.

21st Apr 2010

AFFECTED SERVICE: International Consumer DSL AFFECTED POPS: international traffic between SA and London/New York START DATE: Sat 24 Apr 10 00h00 (SAST) END DATE: Sat 24 Apr 10 23h59 (SAST) EXPECTED DURATION: unknown IMPACT:Service interruption REASON FOR CHANGE: Seacom SMW4 repairs ADDITIONAL INFO: Seacom has advised that repair maintenance ... Read More »

Emergency Telkom SAT3 Maintenance Notification.

21st Apr 2010

AFFECTED SERVICE: International ADSL POPS: International traffic between SA and London/New York START DATE: Thu 22 Apr 10 08h00 (SAST) END DATE: Sat 24 Apr 10 16h00 (SAST) EXPECTED DURATION: unknown IMPACT: Increased latency REASON FOR CHANGE: SAT3 maintenance ADDITIONAL INFO: Telkom have advised that all traffic will be placed on restoration ... Read More »

Wow, More Space, Mahala....

1st Mar 2010

A new year with new challenges.

Today our packages have incresed in space. Get more for your Rands...

View our new packages to see what you get, all for mahala...